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I'm a Solicitor, with over thirteen years' experience in Education Law, particularly in Special Educational Needs. I am the sole director of KJM Legal Ltd, which is a start-up legal practice that will specialise in special educational needs and related areas of law. It is not yet a Solicitors Regulation Authority Recognised Body, but I will be seeking such registration in due course. I hold higher rights of audience in the civil courts. I know the part of the First-tier Tribunal dealing with disputes about special educational needs very well. I have seen it all. From the cases that are in legal terms quite straight forward to those that are legally complicated. From the factually typical cases to those where a child has an unusual combination of needs or where there is something peculiar about either the school preferred by the child's family or the Local Authority.

In addition to disputes that are dealt with by the First-tier Tribunal, my knowledge and experience extends to:

I read law at Merton College, Oxford from 1999 - 2002. The most visible fields to me as a student (finance, mergers and acquisitions, other corporate work) weren't things I was interested in doing myself and I am pleased I found a niche that suits me. I love having the skill to assist children and their families to achieve the right sort of education, whether that's a proper level of support in their current school or a 52 week residential placement in a highly specialist school. See my CV for more detail.

I am also Company Secretary to Village Fabrics Ltd and one of the Trustees of BiCon Continuity.

This site has been around since 2003 or so and much of the content dates from around about that point in time, which is now over 15 years ago, so please check any information is still current and relevant to your circumstances. Please also remember that as we experience more of life, our positions change over time; something I said fifteen years ago may not be an accurate representation of my current beliefs. At present it has:

There was previously a Wordpress journal here, which I've removed for the present as there is something technical wrong with it and there wasn't any content there anyway

Feel free to email me. I like sane, non-spam email. Unsolicited sexual requests will be laughed at and posted somewhere public on the internet. Communications that appear to me to contravene the Malicious Communications Act 1988 will be reported to the police.

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